State College Proposal: Marissa and Nathan

This afternoon my dad and I were talking about how life can go along slowly, and then all of a sudden, can speed up. Well, today was one of those times in life when it zooms ahead. This morning, my brother, Nathan, sent his girlfriend on a wild goose chase throughout State College, with clues that led her from one meaningful location to the next. The journey ended as she was dropped off at the Penn State University Beaver Stadium. As she walked through the tunnel, there was Nate, hands full of flowers, and a ring tucked in his jacket, standing by the goal post.

He told her “I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you.” He continued his sentiments as he dropped one knee to the frozen and snowy football field; a field he knows quite well. Marissa paused, and then said “yes, of course!” And they kissed for the first time as an engaged couple.

Little did Marissa know, I was hiding up in the stands, more precisely, the student section, capturing it all. And like I did for many years in these stands, I cheered Nate on.  I was able to witness his last play in Beaver Stadium, and I enjoyed it more than any tackle or sack he ever made on this football field. Today was a victory for Nate, because no matter what the score, love conquers all.

I love you, Nate, and I am honored to be your sister.

These are just a sneak peek from today. Check back later because there are more to come!!




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