Ironstone Ranch Wedding: Nicole and Sean {PA Wedding Photographer}

The orchard was filled with apples, and a donkey named Banjo was taking a walk. This was the morning of Nicole and Sean’s August wedding day.

Organic and earthy colors such as orange and brown were in the flowers, invitations, and the men’s attire, while butterflies graced the bride’s bouquet and the reception tables. They perfectly complimented this warm summer day at the ranch.

After a tender first look between the bride and groom, we wandered across the beautiful property of Ironstone Ranch for portraits. The longhorns came out to play, as well as Banjo.

The ceremony took place within the apple orchard, and the bride arrived in a romantic white carriage pulled by two white horses. After the vows and kisses, Nicole and Sean, along with the bridal party, took a long wagon ride.

The evening ended with the perfect sunset, lots of dancing, and a sparkler farewell.

Congratulations Nicole and Sean!

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The Fabulous Vendors

Venue | Ironstone Ranch

Photographer | Dyanna Joy Photography

Catering | C&J Catering

Florist | Creations with You in Mind

Cake | The Pennsylvania Bakery

DJ | Klock Entertainment

Makeup | Makeup by Chelsea

Hair | The Hairsmiths

Wedding Dress | The Bridal Emporium

Bridesmaid Dresses | The Bridal Emporium

Men’s Vests | Men’s Wearhouse

General Potter Farm Wedding: Lauren and Paul (PA Wedding Photographer}

How do you plan a wedding when your fiancé is the epitome of an outdoorsmen?

Answer: you do it exactly how Lauren did, by incorporating masculine touches like antlers, deer, shotgun shells, and his favorite vehicle.  But this wedding perfectly showcased both Paul and Lauren’s personalities. Lauren, a country gal herself, wore cowboy boots, which went perfectly with her gorgeous lace gown.

My favorite moment of the day was during Lauren and Paul’s first dance. “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice was playing, and the lyrics gave me goosebumps because they were the sweetest words (the perfect ones for this cowboy couple):

“Love’s never come my way, I’ve never been this far. But you took these two left feet and waltzed away with my heart. I don’t dance, but here I am, spinning you round and round in circles. It ain’t my style, but I don’t care. I’d do anything with you anywhere. Guess you got me in the palm of your hand, cause I don’t dance.”

You can listen to this beautiful song here while you scroll through these images of a couple who completely touched my heart with their kindness, authenticity, and salt-of-the-earth souls.

I adore you Lauren and Paul! Congratulations!!!

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The Fabulous Vendors

Wedding Coordinator | H & K Weddings and Events

Photographer | Dyanna Joy Photography

Bride’s Getting Ready Venue | Riffles and Runs Bed and Breakfast

Ceremony and Reception Venue | General Potter Farm

Florals | Pocketful of Posies

Cake | Delectable Delights by Heather

Makeup | Kelly Clark Makeup Artist

Wedding Dress | Formalities

Wedding Dress Designer | Casablanca Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses | Formalities

Men’s Tuxes | Formalities

Tables and Linens | Pegasus Wedding and Party Rentals

Musicians | Community Chamber Artists

DJ | Partytime DJ Services

Officiant | Jeremiah Montgomery

Four Seasons Hotel Wedding: Jessica and Derrick {Baltimore Wedding Photographer}

There were thousands of crisp white roses, hundreds of romantic candles burning, dozens of black tuxes and ballgowns, and at the center of it all was a man and woman so deeply in love.

Jessica and Derrick’s wedding day was beyond compare. As soon as I saw Jessica’s gold stilettos I knew it would be a day filled with style and glamor. And although it was a hot July day, the beautiful Four Season’s Baltimore provided the perfect indoor environment for this very joyous occasion.

Jessica and Derrick’s first look took place within the gorgeous ceremony space, in front of an awe-inspiring chuppah filled with roses and blooms. As soon as Derrick saw his bride, he leaned in to cuddle and hold her, allowing the tender moment to last a little longer.

The bridesmaids were stunning in their black form-fitting gowns, and the flower girl stole all our hearts.

After a beautiful Jewish ceremony under the chuppah, guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while the bride and groom wandered over to the pool to enjoy the last few minutes of sunset.

The grand ballroom was filled with a checkerboard dance floor, candles galore, magnificent floral arrangements, a grandiose wedding cake and a Baltimore Raven’s groom cake, gorgeous uplighting, a paper flower wall, gold and black sequins, and the most romantic atmosphere you can imagine.

The new Mr. and Mrs. began their first dance as husband and wife. Soon after the energy level went through the roof as the horah was played. Guests danced and laughed the night away.

Congratulations Jessica and Derrick! I am SO happy for the two of you.
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The Fabulous Vendors

Venue | Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore

Wedding Planner & Florist | Karen Stott

Photographer | Dyanna Joy Photography

Hair and Makeup | Up Do’s for I Do’s

Wedding Dress: Francesca’s Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer | Rivini

Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal

Cake | SugarBakers Cakes

Band | Night Life

Videographer | Cinematic by David M

Ritz-Carlton Wedding: Dana and Andrew {Philadelphia Wedding Photographer}

The sky was a soft cotton-candy blue as I made my way into Philadelphia for Dana and Andrew’s elegant wedding at the Ritz-Carlton.

I found out it actually takes two elevators to get to the lavish Penthouse Suite, where Dana and her girls were getting ready; one main elevator takes you to the 30th floor, and then there is a small secret elevator (which needs a secret key) that will take you to the large floor with the spectacular view of this City of Love.

I adored all of Dana’s bridal details, including her show-stopping Jimmy Choo heels, her adorable pink and blue floral robe, and her cathedral veil. Her maids wore long silk chiffon dresses in the color “graphite.” One of my favorite colors is gray, and it was lovely to see bridesmaids in this unique wedding color combined with pink roses and white peonies.

The black tie wedding ceremony took place within one of the beautiful rooms of the Ritz-Carlton, with a reception following in the Grand Ballroom. Andrew looked in awe as he saw his beautiful brunette bride walk down the aisle; he knew he was the luckiest guy in the world.

Pink and peach uplighting and tall candelabras created a romantic scene in the grand ballroom. a creamy iridescent cake was just waiting to be eaten, and large vases of extravagant florals brought so much beauty to each table. Every little detail was divine.

Sentiments were spoken, feet were dancing, and Dana and Andrew were sent off with a ribbon wand exit, surrounded by their dearest family and friends.

Congratulations Dana and Andrew! You are truly a match made in Philadelphia.
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The Fabulous Vendors

Venue | Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia

Photographer | Dyanna Joy Photography

Florist | Carl Alan Designs

Cake | Van Earl Cakes

DJ & String Quartet| EBE Talent

Hair and Makeup | Bella Angel

Wedding Dress | Nordstrom

Wedding Dress Designer | James Clifford

Bridesmaid Dresses | J. Crew

Men’s Tuxes | Men’s Wearhouse

Romantic Wedding in the Woods: Nicole and Alex {Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer}

Sometimes you just have to put on your rain boots, hold an umbrella, and smile for the photographer.

That is what this incredible couple and their fun-loving bridal party did on a rainy June day.

I used to get nervous when it would pour down rain on a wedding day. These days, I don’t mind the rain, I even embrace it. And when the heavens rained down on us on Nicole and Alex’s wedding day, it was quite the adventure.

I loved all the vintage touches throughout this wedding, from Nicole’s adorable shoes to her lace gown with the pretty pink ribbon around her waist. Roses and baby’s breath were everywhere from the bouquets to the romantic creamy cake.

Since both the bride and groom are artists, I loved the artistic touches, which include the wood cufflinks the groom created, his unique wedding band, and an arts and crafts children’s table at the reception.

I absolutely loved the woodsy setting at the C. Barton McCann School of Art, located within the mountains of Central Pennsylvania. My childhood home is not too far from this venue, and always loved running through the tall green ferns. Speaking of ferns, they were all around the venue, and even included the table flower arrangements.

Guests were sent home with bottles of pink champagne and memories of a beautiful day celebrating two people so in love.

Congratulations Nicole and Alex! You both blew me away with your graceful spirits and kind souls. It was a true honor to document your day, even if that meant getting soaking wet. The rain just made everything more beautiful.

Rain is what makes the flowers grow, and perhaps also, love.

2015-07-13_0001 2015-07-13_0002 2015-07-13_00032015-07-13_0004 2015-07-13_00052015-07-13_00062015-07-13_00072015-07-13_0008 2015-07-13_0009 2015-07-13_00102015-07-13_0011 2015-07-13_0012 2015-07-13_0013 2015-07-13_00142015-07-15_0001 2015-07-15_0002 2015-07-15_00032015-07-15_0004 2015-07-15_0005 2015-07-15_0006 2015-07-15_00072015-07-15_00132015-07-15_0008 2015-07-15_00642015-07-15_0010 2015-07-15_0011 2015-07-15_00122015-07-15_00152015-07-15_00142015-07-15_0016 2015-07-15_0017 2015-07-15_00182015-07-15_00202015-07-15_0023 2015-07-15_00212015-07-15_0024 2015-07-15_0025 2015-07-15_0026 2015-07-15_00272015-07-15_0028 2015-07-15_0029 2015-07-15_0030 2015-07-15_0031 2015-07-15_0032 2015-07-15_0035 2015-07-15_00362015-07-15_0037 2015-07-15_0038 2015-07-15_0039 2015-07-15_00402015-07-15_00412015-07-15_00422015-07-15_00432015-07-15_0044 2015-07-15_0045 2015-07-15_00462015-07-15_00482015-07-15_00502015-07-15_00512015-07-15_00522015-07-15_0053 2015-07-15_0054 2015-07-15_0055 2015-07-15_0056 2015-07-15_0057 2015-07-15_0058 2015-07-15_0059 2015-07-15_0060 2015-07-15_0061 2015-07-15_0062

The Fabulous Vendors

Venue | C. Barton McCann School of Art

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography

Florist | Pocketful of Posies

Cake | Delectable Delights

Wedding Dress | Diamonds and Lace

Dress Designer | Casablanca Bridal

Hair and Makeup | Evolve Studio

Bridesmaid Dresses | BHLDN

Men’s Tuxes | Harpers Shop for Men

Catering | Harrison’s Catering

Linens and other Rentals | Best Event Rental 

State College Engagement: Kelsey and Ronnie {Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer}

Kelsey and Ronnie met at Woodward Camp, which hosts a premiere BMX Freestyle program.

During one of the camps, Ronnie, a professional BMX rider, fell for the gorgeous brunette camp director. Ronnie eventually moved to Happy Valley, and they have been inseparable ever since. They have been through a lot of life’s ups and downs together so far, which I know will only make them stronger as a couple as they journey into marriage.

We meandered through the Penn State Arboretum for their engagement session. I loved their urban style and relaxed vibe. My camera loved Kelsey’s million dollar smile. I had so much fun with these two and I can’t wait for their Happy Valley wedding this October. It’s going to be such a celebration of love.

Congratulations Kelsey and Ronnie!!

2015-07-09_0001 2015-07-09_0002 2015-07-09_0003 2015-07-09_0004 2015-07-09_0005 2015-07-09_00062015-07-09_0012 2015-07-09_00102015-07-09_0013 2015-07-09_0014 2015-07-09_00152015-07-09_0016 2015-07-09_00172015-07-09_0019 2015-07-09_0020 2015-07-09_00222015-07-09_0021 2015-07-09_0023 2015-07-09_0024 2015-07-09_0025 2015-07-09_00262015-07-09_0028 2015-07-09_00292015-07-09_0030 2015-07-09_0031 2015-07-09_0032 2015-07-09_0033 2015-07-09_0034 2015-07-09_0035

Shadow Creek Wedding: Caitlin and Matt {Virginia Wedding Photographer}

In late June, Caitlin and Matt were married at a beautiful Virginia church, nestled in the midst of Loudoun’s wine and hunt country.

Family and friends, including their adorable daughter Madeline, watched as they promised each other their lives. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails and delicious food at Shadow Creek, right outside its grand equine barn, with million dollar views.

Peach and ivory flowers were abundant, while chandeliers and thousands of twinkling lights were shining from the ceilings.

The Virginia summer heat brought on some intense thunderstorms during the reception. The sound of rain hitting the top of the barn was romantic and thrilling.

Delicious cake {created by a dear friend of the groom} was enjoyed, the dance floor was the place to be, and guests went home with bottles of limecello.

Congratulations Matt and Caitlin! It was such a beautiful day for such a beautiful couple!

2015-07-05_0001 2015-07-05_00022015-07-05_00032015-07-05_00042015-07-05_00052015-07-05_0006 2015-07-05_00072015-07-05_0008 2015-07-05_00092015-07-05_0010 2015-07-05_0011 2015-07-05_00122015-07-05_0013 2015-07-05_0014 2015-07-05_0015 2015-07-05_0016 2015-07-05_0017 2015-07-05_00182015-07-05_0019 2015-07-05_00202015-07-05_0021 2015-07-05_00222015-07-06_0001 2015-07-06_0002 2015-07-06_0003 2015-07-06_0004 2015-07-06_0005 2015-07-06_0006 2015-07-06_0007 2015-07-06_0008 2015-07-06_0009 2015-07-06_00102015-07-06_0011 2015-07-06_0012 2015-07-06_0013 2015-07-06_00142015-07-06_0015 2015-07-06_00162015-07-07_0001 2015-07-07_0002 2015-07-07_0003 2015-07-07_0004 2015-07-07_0005 2015-07-07_0006 2015-07-07_00072015-07-07_0008 2015-07-07_0009 2015-07-07_0010 2015-07-07_0011 2015-07-07_0012 2015-07-07_0013 2015-07-07_0014 2015-07-07_0015 2015-07-07_0016 2015-07-07_0017 2015-07-07_0018 2015-07-07_00192015-07-07_0020 2015-07-07_0021 2015-07-07_0022 2015-07-07_0023 2015-07-07_0024 2015-07-07_0035 2015-07-07_00262015-07-07_0028 2015-07-07_0029 2015-07-07_0030 2015-07-07_0031 2015-07-07_0032 2015-07-07_0033 2015-07-07_0034

The Fabulous Vendors

Wedding Coordinator | Weddings by Calla

Photographer | Dyanna Joy Photography

Venue | Shadow Creek

Florist | My Wedding Flowers, LLC

Wedding Dress | TLC Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer | Justin Alexander

Bridesmaid Dresses | Macy’s Bridal and Weddington Way

Men’s Tuxes | Men’s Wearhouse

DJ & Lighting | Slable Entertainment 

Catering | R&R Catering

Bridal Party Transportation | ING Limo

Guest Transportation | Haymarket Transportation

Cake | Lauren Kenny (Friend of the Groom)

Makeup | Dina Saddat

Hair | Shameem Slovich

Acoustic Guitar | Michael Stephenson

Annapolis Engagement: Jessica and Derrick {Annapolis Wedding Photographer}

When Jessica met Derrick, she knew there was something special about him, but it wasn’t the right timing.

They were working together, and after awhile a friendship developed. It didn’t take long after that for Derrick to realize Jessica was the one his heart belonged to.

Jessica and Derrick are having an elegant wedding next month at Baltimore’s Four Seasons Hotel. But for their engagement session, we decided to walk along the colorful and nautical streets of Annapolis.

I love Jess’s long ombre hair, her adorable outfits, and sweet disposition. And when she looks into Derrick’s eyes, she is oh so happy. I absolutely love these two and can’t wait for their July wedding!

Congratulations Jessica and Derrick!

2015-07-01_0001 2015-07-01_0003 2015-07-01_0015 2015-07-01_0016 2015-07-01_0006 2015-07-01_0007 2015-07-01_00082015-07-01_00122015-07-01_0009 2015-07-01_0010 2015-07-01_0011 2015-07-01_0013 2015-07-01_00142015-07-01_0017 2015-07-01_00182015-07-01_0023 2015-07-01_0019 2015-07-01_00202015-07-01_0021 2015-07-01_0022

St. Francis Hall Wedding: Jamie and Andrew {DC Wedding Photographer}

Jamie and Andrew’s Washington, DC Monastery wedding was a dream to photograph. I loved everything about their style; Jamie’s couture dress and cathedral veil, the combination of pink roses and wildflowers, the gorgeous columns at St. Francis Monastery, bubble tea, a red dress, and a grand exit.

As always, I enjoyed working alongside Tiffany from Simply Breathe Events. Together we are always making wedding magic.

Some of my favorite moments of the day…

*When tears fell down Jamie’s face when she saw Andrew for the first time, and again when she joined him after walking down the aisle.

*Taking photos of the bride and groom within the gardens of the beautiful historic monastery. I was completely inspired by this venue.

*A little boy using his dad’s professional camera to take his own photos from his seat during the ceremony.

*Jamie changing into a gorgeous red wedding dress during the reception. In Asian culture, red symbolizes the color of love and prosperity.

*Trying Bubble Tea for the first time. Also known as “pearl milk tea,” bubble tea contains a tea based mixed/shaken with fruit or milk, to which chewy tapioca balls and/or fruit jellies are often added. The “bubble” refers to the foam created by shaking the tea, which makes it foamy. It was absolutely delicious.

*Being around overflowing joy and happiness as everyone celebrated love.

Congratulations Jamie and Andrew!!!

2015-06-23_00012015-06-23_0002 2015-06-23_0005 2015-06-23_0006 2015-06-23_00072015-06-23_0008 2015-06-23_00092015-06-23_0010 2015-06-23_00112015-06-23_0012 2015-06-23_00132015-06-24_00022015-06-24_0003 2015-06-24_00042015-06-25_0001 2015-06-25_0002 2015-06-25_0003 2015-06-25_0004 2015-06-25_0005 2015-06-25_0006 2015-06-25_0007 2015-06-25_0008 2015-06-25_0009 2015-06-25_0010 2015-06-25_0011 2015-06-25_0012 2015-06-25_0013 2015-06-25_0014 2015-06-25_0015 2015-06-25_0016 2015-06-25_0017 2015-06-25_0018 2015-06-25_0019 2015-06-25_0020 2015-06-25_0021 2015-06-25_00222015-06-25_0024 2015-06-25_0023 2015-06-25_0025 2015-06-25_00262015-06-25_0027 2015-06-25_0028 2015-06-25_0029 2015-06-25_0055 2015-06-25_00562015-06-25_0031 2015-06-25_0032 2015-06-25_0033 2015-06-25_0034 2015-06-25_0035 2015-06-25_00362015-06-25_0057 2015-06-25_0058 2015-06-25_0059 2015-06-25_00602015-06-25_0037 2015-06-25_0038 2015-06-25_0039 2015-06-25_00402015-06-25_0041 2015-06-25_0042 2015-06-25_0043 2015-06-25_0044 2015-06-25_0045 2015-06-25_0046 2015-06-25_0047 2015-06-25_0053 2015-06-25_0054 2015-06-25_0049 2015-06-25_0050 2015-06-25_0051 2015-06-25_0052

The Fabulous Vendors

Venue | St. Francis Hall

Wedding Planner | Simply Breathe Events

Photographer | Dyanna Joy Photography

Florist | Convention Floral

Makeup | Susan Lim Makeup Artist

Hair | Carly Fisher

Wedding Dress  | Mori Lee

Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal

Men’s Tuxes | Men’s Wearhouse

Videographer| D.P. Weddings

DJ | Musical Djs

Woodlawn Manor Wedding: Francesca and Jared {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

Their love for the outdoors was evident in so many of the wedding details, from the big trees surrounding the historic manor, to the tree branches, moss, and florals gracing the reception tables, to the placecards being held by pieces of wood.

Francesca and Jared’s Woodlawn Manor wedding was simply sublime. Francesca’s soft and fluffy bridal bouquet of peonies, created by Dear Sweetheart Events, took my breath away. The bridesmaids’ flowy pink dresses, Francesca’s stunning gown, Jared’s boutonniere showcasing succulents, a glowing mother of the bride, and old estate charm combined to create the perfect summer wedding day.

This day just flowed smoothly with grace and happiness. The bride’s brother conducted a beautiful ceremony in front of the beautiful mansion. The delicious wedding cake not only was lovely, but included replicas of the bride and groom’s dogs along the side of the cake.

The evening ended with gorgeous sunset photos, personalized beer brewed by the groom, and a whole lot of dancing.

Congratulations Francesca and Jared!

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The Fabulous Vendors

Venue | Woodlawn Manor

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography 

Wedding Planner & Florist| Dear Sweetheart Events

Caterer | Stone Soup Catering

String Players | Two Rivers Chamber Music

Wedding Dress Designer | Pronovias

Wedding Dress | Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection

Bridal Shoes | Badgley Mischka

Bridesmaid Dresses Designer | Vera Wang

Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal

Cake | Kake Korner

Men’s Tuxes | Men’s Wearhouse

Hair and Makeup | Brandi Taylor