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New Year, New Brand

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I’m so excited to announce that my new brand and website will be launching in next month! I’ve chosen February because it’s the month of love, and this has been such a project of love. I’ve been working with Earl and Layne this past year on a beautiful new brand, and I’m loving how it’s all coming together.

Soon Dyanna Joy Photography will be renamed Dyanna LaMora.

I’ve chosen to rename my business for several reasons.

I first started my business over 12 years ago in my early twenties as a part-time portrait photographer. I’ve grown so much since then. More than ever before, I know who I am, my true photography style, and the experience I want to provide to my clients. As much as my business is still full of joy, it’s also romantic, soft, inspirational, meaningful, and light-filled. As a woman now in her thirties, with so much more life and photography experience, I wanted this change to be reflected in my business.

I’ve also been given the most precious gift, and his name is Jason LaMora. The day I said yes to marrying him was the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only is he handsome, kind, and funny, but he also gave me a new beautiful last name that I cherish. A name that is now my identity.

My husband plays a vital role in my business. Not only does he assist me with over half my weddings, but he helps me make crucial decisions, gives me advice, helps me figure things out, is a listening ear, celebrates my victories and holds me when things get overwhelming. He is often my chauffeur, therapist, chef, errand runner, mood-lifter, and prayer warrior. He helps carry my burdens and my life and business would not be the same without him. I love him more and more each day; he has my whole heart. Changing my business name to Dyanna LaMora is a special way that I can honor and respect my incredible husband, and a way to embrace and support my marriage and all the marriages that I photograph.

So here we go, a fresh new year with a fresh new look! I can’t wait to share it with you!

Best of Weddings 2015

What a year! 2015 was filled with so many beautiful surprises and changes for me!

We started the year out by moving to my dream location: the sea! My husband and I live about 5 minutes from the sea in Lewes, Delaware. I’ve always wanted to live by the beach, and I never thought in a million years this dream would come to pass sooner than later. But I know that God can fast forward things for us, and He is always going above and beyond my wildest imagination.

And just when I thought my one dream for the year had already come true, the longing in my heart for a child was also met. Through the miracle of IVF, months of fertility drugs and treatments and appointments, we conceived our daughter Sophia in July. I’ll be sharing more about my IVF journey in the near future, but as I look back on this year, I can’t believe I got through fertility treatments and conceiving a baby with shooting 25 weddings and almost the same amount of engagement sessions. It was truly a miracle.

But here I am, at the start of a new year and feeling so very grateful for 2015. It was a year of planting seeds and so much change and growth. I feel as though I’ve found my true style of photography, as well as found more of myself. And although I don’t yet know all of what 2016 will hold for me, I do know I will be holding my baby girl in my arms; I know it will be a year of nurturing her and my sweet beautiful business, and continuing to love on the people God brings into my life.

I want to thank all of my 2015 bride and grooms for being so absolutely wonderful! Each of you inspire me and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to document your love, and to be welcomed into your lives. We made some beautiful art and memories together that will never go away. I also want to thank you for caring about me, not just as your photographer, but as your friend. So many of you have been my greatest cheerleaders and I’m forever grateful. So with this blog post, I honor and thank you. Your friendship is a gift to my soul. May you all continue walking in love and I pray blessings over each and every one of you.

So here are a few of my favorites from one of my most favorite years…

2016-01-23_0001 2016-01-23_00022016-01-23_00032016-01-23_00042016-01-23_00052016-01-23_0006View More: 2016-01-23_00182016-01-23_00192016-01-24_00222016-01-23_00202016-01-23_00142016-01-24_00232016-01-24_00172016-01-24_00182016-01-23_00242016-01-23_00252016-01-24_00242016-01-24_00292016-01-23_00262016-01-23_00272016-01-23_00302016-01-23_00312016-01-23_00322016-01-23_00332016-01-24_00252016-01-24_00262016-01-23_0034View More: More:

General Potter Farm Wedding: Andrea and Eric {State College Wedding Photographer}

It was New Years Eve and Andrea was getting ready to marry her best friend.

She slipped into her lace gown and winter booties at her mother’s house, surrounded by her favorite girlfriends. And just as we left the house something magical happened… it began to snow.

Eric saw Andrea for the first time that day on the front steps of the Nittany Lion Inn, just a couple blocks from where Andrea grew up. Eric smiled and Andrew embraced him.

Bridesmaids wore gold sequined dresses with scarves and boots, and the groomsmen were in blue suits with dark green sweaters. The weather was cold, but everyone’s hearts were warm as they celebrated this special day.

The General Potter Farm provided the perfect atmosphere for a cozy winter woodland wedding. I loved how the bride and groom incorporated love birds into the theme as well. There were twinkle lights and candles galore, and Andrea and Eric were pronounced man and wife in front of a beautiful vintage faux fireplace.

A candlelight reception was awaiting guests after the ceremony. Guests found their seats by unpinning their name from birdcages. Speaking of birdcages, there were about a dozen strung from the ceilings. And on top of the wedding cake, two little lovebirds were sitting sweetly.

I loved the clock placemats, a reminder that a new year was just around the corner. And as the clock hit 11:59 p.m. everyone began to countdown to the new year. And at midnight, January 1, balloons fell upon the dance floor, and guests began to kiss and celebrate, and Andrea and Eric began the new year as husband and wife.

Congratulations Andrea and Eric!

2016-01-19_00082016-01-19_00022016-01-19_0003 2016-01-19_0004 2016-01-19_00052016-01-19_0010 2016-01-19_0011 2016-01-19_00072016-01-19_00092016-01-19_00062016-01-19_0013 2016-01-19_00122016-01-21_00012016-01-21_01152016-01-19_0017 2016-01-19_00182016-01-19_00142016-01-19_00192016-01-21_0002 2016-01-21_0003 2016-01-21_0004 2016-01-21_00052016-01-21_0007 2016-01-21_0008 2016-01-21_0009 2016-01-21_0010 2016-01-21_00112016-01-21_0012 2016-01-21_0013 2016-01-21_0014 2016-01-21_0015 2016-01-21_0016 2016-01-21_0017 2016-01-21_0018 2016-01-21_00192016-01-21_0020 2016-01-21_00212016-01-21_0022 2016-01-21_0023 2016-01-21_00242016-01-21_0047 2016-01-21_0025 2016-01-21_00262016-01-21_0027 2016-01-21_0028 2016-01-21_0029 2016-01-21_0030 2016-01-21_00312016-01-21_0032 2016-01-21_00332016-01-21_0034 2016-01-21_0035 2016-01-21_0036 2016-01-21_00372016-01-21_0038 2016-01-21_0039 2016-01-21_0040 2016-01-21_0041 2016-01-21_00422016-01-21_0043 2016-01-21_0044 2016-01-21_0045 2016-01-21_00462016-01-21_00482016-01-21_0049 2016-01-21_00502016-01-21_0051 2016-01-21_00522016-01-21_0053 2016-01-21_0054 2016-01-21_00552016-01-21_0056 2016-01-21_0057 2016-01-21_0058 2016-01-21_0059 2016-01-21_0060 2016-01-21_0061 2016-01-21_0062 2016-01-21_0063 2016-01-21_0064 2016-01-21_0065 2016-01-21_0066 2016-01-21_0067 2016-01-21_0068 2016-01-21_0069 2016-01-21_00702016-01-21_0071 2016-01-21_0072 2016-01-21_0073 2016-01-21_0074 2016-01-21_00752016-01-21_0076 2016-01-21_0077 2016-01-21_00782016-01-21_0079 2016-01-21_00802016-01-21_0081 2016-01-21_0082 2016-01-21_0083 2016-01-21_0084 2016-01-21_0085 2016-01-21_0086 2016-01-21_0087 2016-01-21_0088 2016-01-21_0089 2016-01-21_0090 2016-01-21_0091 2016-01-21_0092 2016-01-21_0093 2016-01-21_0094 2016-01-21_0095 2016-01-21_00962016-01-21_0097 2016-01-21_0098 2016-01-21_0099 2016-01-21_0100 2016-01-21_0101 2016-01-21_0102 2016-01-21_0103 2016-01-21_0104 2016-01-21_0105 2016-01-21_0106 2016-01-21_0107 2016-01-21_0108 2016-01-21_0109 2016-01-21_0110 2016-01-21_0111 2016-01-21_0112 2016-01-21_0113 2016-01-21_0114


Venue | General Potter Farm

Wedding Coordinator | H&K Weddings and Events

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography

Florist | Woodring’s Floral Gardens

Hair & Makeup | J. Stephens Salon and Spa

Wedding Dress | Formalities

Wedding Dress Designer | Maggi Sottero

Men’s Suits | Formalities

Catering | Down to Earth Catering

Rentals |Pegasus Wedding and Party Rentals

DJ | Nittany Entertainment 

Baltimore Engagement: Bethann and Drew {Baltimore Wedding Photographer}

They met on a blind date.

At the time, Bethann was student teaching and had a wonderful mentor at the school whose daughter just married Drew’s brother. This mentor thought Bethann and Drew would make a wonderful pair.

So a coffee date was scheduled at 4:00 p.m. on a November evening. And just like the mentor thought, there was an instant connection between Bethann and Drew. Their coffee date lingered past midnight, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Bethann and Drew live in downtown Baltimore and are looking forward to their 2016 New Years Eve wedding at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore. It will be such a festive celebration and the perfect way to enter a new year.

I met Bethann and Drew in December for their Baltimore engagement session. And although it felt like it was a gazillion degrees below zero with the wind chill, these two were champs and smiled through it all.

Congratulations Bethann and Drew!

2016-01-13_0001 2016-01-14_0001 2016-01-14_0002 2016-01-14_00032016-01-14_00042016-01-14_0005 2016-01-14_0006 2016-01-14_00072016-01-14_00082016-01-14_0009 2016-01-14_00102016-01-14_0011 2016-01-14_0012 2016-01-14_00142016-01-14_00132016-01-14_00222016-01-14_0015 2016-01-14_0016 2016-01-14_0017 2016-01-14_0018 2016-01-14_0019 2016-01-14_0020 2016-01-14_00212016-01-14_0038 2016-01-14_00392016-01-14_00232016-01-14_0024 2016-01-14_00252016-01-14_00262016-01-14_00272016-01-14_0028 2016-01-14_0029 2016-01-14_0033 2016-01-14_0034 2016-01-14_0035 2016-01-14_00362016-01-14_0030 2016-01-14_0031 2016-01-14_0032 2016-01-14_0037

Philadelphia Engagement: Helena and Michael {Philadelphia Wedding Photographer}

It was her first week on when she received a “wink” from mje9232.

Although Helena thought mje9232 was cute, she was unimpressed with his minimal effort to get to know her. So she sent him an email.

The next morning, mje9232 received an email from one of the women he “winked” the evening before. Before finding Helena’s profile on Match, he went on a few dates and ended up not really enjoying any of them, which was the reason he put such minimal effort into the new women he came across.

The email was filled with tough love, like why couldn’t he write an actual message? But he was intrigued by this firecracker. He wrote back, and after messaging back and forth on for the morning, Helena gave mje9232 her cell phone number, after finding out his name was Mike and that he seemed like a really nice guy.

After texting and emailing back and forth for a couple days, they both realized they had a lot in common. And so they scheduled their first date.

Helena double-booked Mike and another fellow for first dates on the same day! Helena ended up skipping the happy hour suitor and headed straight to her 8:00 p.m. date with Mike.

And it was on that date when Mike knew Helena was a keeper and he quickly fell in love with her, and she with him. The rest is history.

I loved meeting up with Helena and Mike for their engagement session outside of Philadelphia in their town of Conshohocken! And now I’m over the moon excited for their Cairnwood Estate Wedding next October.

Congratulations Helena and Michael!

2015-12-17_0001 2015-12-17_0002 2015-12-17_0003 2015-12-17_0004 2015-12-17_00052015-12-17_0006 2015-12-17_0007 2015-12-17_0008 2015-12-17_0009 2015-12-17_0010 2015-12-17_00112015-12-17_00132015-12-17_00142015-12-17_0015 2015-12-17_00162015-12-17_00172015-12-17_00182015-12-17_0019 2015-12-17_00202015-12-17_00212015-12-17_0022 2015-12-17_0023

Annapolis Engagement: Meghan and Chase {Annapolis Wedding Photographer}

Chase met Meghan in college and often times studied with her, as they were both biomedical engineering students. Meghan would also frequent Chase’s fraternity, and that is when their love began.

Yet, after graduation, Meghan moved out to California to purse graduate school. A year later, Chase made the move as well to be with the one he loved.

After less than a year of adventures together in California, Chase was accepted to medical school back on the east coast. After he headed back east, they began a slightly more complicated “two molecule problem,” as one of Meghan’s mentors once endearingly described it.

But they were able to stay together through the long-distance, by making weekend visits across the country to see each other over the next few years.

And then last Christmas, Chase got down on one knee and popped the question. It was time that they should be together, for the rest of their lives. And so Meaghan moved back east to be with her fiancé.

I loved getting to know Meghan and Chase during their November engagement session at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. They were so adorable in front of my camera. I’m also SO excited to photograph their beautiful Baltimore wedding at the Basilica of the Assumption with a reception at the L’Hirondelle Club of Ruxton.

Congratulations Meghan and Chase!!

2015-12-07_0001 2015-12-07_0002 2015-12-07_0005 2015-12-07_00042015-12-07_0006 2015-12-07_0007 2015-12-07_0008 2015-12-07_0009 2015-12-07_0010 2015-12-07_00112015-12-07_00142015-12-07_0012 2015-12-07_00132015-12-07_0015 2015-12-07_0016 2015-12-07_00172015-12-07_00182015-12-07_0019 2015-12-07_0020 2015-12-07_0021 2015-12-07_0022 2015-12-07_0023 2015-12-07_0024 2015-12-07_0025 2015-12-07_0026 2015-12-07_0027 2015-12-07_0028 2015-12-07_0029 2015-12-07_0030 2015-12-07_0031 2015-12-07_00322015-12-07_0033 2015-12-07_0034 2015-12-07_0035 2015-12-07_00362015-12-07_0037

Mountain View Country Club Wedding: Kelsey and Ronnie {State College Wedding Photographer}

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly…”

While a caterpillar sits within the darkness of the cocoon, his body actually melts almost completely into liquid, before morphing into a butterfly. He becomes mush, disappearing from the world. But little does he know that there is another purpose, a new life awaiting him. Soon, he will fly.

God is doing something new. He is making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. He never leaves us in the darkness, but he walks with us, holds us. And then he takes our pain and recycles it into something better and useful. He creates beautiful things out of dust and out of our lives. He doesn’t leave anyone behind. Just when we think we’ve turned into mush without a hope, that is when He begins to breathe new life into us, morphing us into a new beauty and freshness of life we’ve never experienced before.

And this is why I love Kelsey and Ronnie’s relationship so much. They have walked through so much pain and tragedy, but through it all, they have decided to love each other more deeply, and to live each day with purpose and tenderness. Their love can fly.

None of us know what tomorrow will hold or what may come, but to live in the moment, to linger in an embrace, to look one another in the eyes, to share your heart, to have hope, to believe and to heal, this is what it’s all about.

Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful. From the moment Kelsey stepped into her graciously crafted lace gown, to her sister’s loving sentiments during the toasts, to rings being placed on the their left hands, the hands that will hold each other through it all…this precious day was a celebration of continuing on in life, in love, and new beginnings.

Walk on.

Congratulations Kelsey and Ronnie! xoxo


2015-12-03_0002 2015-12-03_0003 2015-12-03_00042015-12-03_0005 2015-12-03_00062015-12-03_0007 2015-12-03_00082015-12-03_00092015-12-03_00152015-12-03_0011 2015-12-03_0012 2015-12-03_00132015-12-03_00142015-12-03_00162015-12-03_0017 2015-12-03_0018 2015-12-03_00192015-12-03_0020 2015-12-03_0021 2015-12-03_00222015-12-03_00232015-12-03_0024 2015-12-03_00252015-12-04_0001 2015-12-04_0002 2015-12-04_0003 2015-12-04_0004 2015-12-04_0005 2015-12-04_0006 2015-12-04_0007 2015-12-04_0008 2015-12-04_0009 2015-12-04_0010 2015-12-04_0011 2015-12-04_00122015-12-04_0013 2015-12-04_0014 2015-12-04_00152015-12-04_00162015-12-04_0017 2015-12-04_0018 2015-12-04_00192015-12-04_0023 2015-12-04_0020 2015-12-04_0021 2015-12-04_00222015-12-04_0024 2015-12-04_0025 2015-12-04_0026 2015-12-04_0027 2015-12-04_0028 2015-12-04_0029 2015-12-04_0030 2015-12-04_0031 2015-12-04_0032 2015-12-04_0033 2015-12-04_0034 2015-12-04_00352015-12-04_0036 2015-12-04_00372015-12-04_0055 2015-12-04_0038 2015-12-04_0039 2015-12-04_0040 2015-12-04_0041 2015-12-04_0042 2015-12-04_00432015-12-04_0045 2015-12-04_00442015-12-04_00462015-12-04_0047 2015-12-04_0048 2015-12-04_0049 2015-12-04_0050 2015-12-04_0051 2015-12-04_0052 2015-12-04_0053 2015-12-04_0054


Ceremony Venue | The Arboretum at Penn State

Reception Venue | Mountain View Country Club

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography

Flowers | David Vaughn Designs

Hair and Makeup | Evolve Studio

Cake | Delectable Delights by Heather

Band | Wonderama

Wedding Dress | Pronovias

Bridesmaid Dresses | Jenny Yoo

Men’s Suits | Men’s Wearhouse

Reception Rentals | Best Event Rental

Sunrise Engagement Session: Rachel and Jeff {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

They met Freshman year of college at Loyola, living on the same dorm floor. But it wasn’t until their Senior year when Rachel and Jeff realized they both always liked each other.

During those four years, they became friends, and spent time studying together at coffee shops.

And then on Valentine’s Day during their senior year, both single, they finally opened up about their mutual feelings for each other and began dating soon after.

“Jeff makes me a better person; calmer, happier,” said Rachel. “He truly is that piece that has been missing in my life, and they only person I can see myself becoming old and gray with.”

I’m so excited for their 2016 wedding at the Mt. Washington Dye Mill House!

Congratulations Rachel and Jeff!

2015-12-02_00012015-12-02_00022015-12-02_00052015-12-02_00032015-12-02_00042015-12-02_00062015-12-02_0007 2015-12-02_0008 2015-12-02_0009 2015-12-02_00102015-12-02_0011 2015-12-02_0012 2015-12-02_0013 2015-12-02_00142015-12-02_0015 2015-12-02_00162015-12-02_00172015-12-02_00202015-12-02_0026 2015-12-02_0021 2015-12-02_00222015-12-02_0023 2015-12-02_00242015-12-02_00272015-12-02_00252015-12-02_0028 2015-12-02_0018 2015-12-02_00192015-12-02_0029 2015-12-02_0030 2015-12-02_00312015-12-02_0032 2015-12-02_0033 2015-12-02_0034 2015-12-02_0035

Fall Backyard Wedding: Lauren and Joe {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

Lauren married her soulmate on a beautiful fall day in the backyard of her parent’s house. The atmosphere was cozy with fireplaces roaring, pumpkins and mums scattered about, and hot apple cider being served.

Joe was nervous as he was about to see his bride. As he turned to see Lauren, who looked like she stepped out of a dream, tears began to fall from his eyes. They embraced and knew this was the moment they would remember the rest of their lives.

As guests walked in the driveway, they were greeted with a choice of a bourbon cider cocktail or a cinnamon cider. As they held onto their warm drinks, they walked the path to the back terrace, where a warm fireplace ceremony was waiting for them.

The outdoor ceremony was filled with passion and tears and vows, and ended with a kiss promising forever.

Guests enjoyed homemade baked brie and cocktails after the ceremony, and then grabbed a velvet blanket while entering the reception tent, to keep them cozy and warm.

I loved the deep purples tones, from the bridesmaids dresses, to the bouquets, to the reception linens. At each table, there were bouquets of flowers, wood centerpieces, and burlap table numbers.

The evening continued with hours of dancing underneath thousands of twinkle lights and ended with a romantic sparkler exit.

Congratulations Lauren and Joe!
2015-11-22_00012015-11-22_00022015-11-22_00032015-11-24_00142015-11-24_00122015-11-24_00132015-11-24_0005 2015-11-24_0007 2015-11-24_00092015-11-24_0015 2015-11-24_0016 2015-11-24_0017 2015-11-24_0018 2015-11-24_00192015-11-24_0020 2015-11-24_0010 2015-11-24_00112015-11-24_0021 2015-11-24_0022 2015-11-24_0023 2015-11-24_0026 2015-11-24_00252015-11-24_0027 2015-11-24_0028 2015-11-24_0029 2015-11-24_00302015-11-24_0031 2015-11-24_0032 2015-11-24_0033 2015-11-24_00342015-11-24_0035 2015-11-24_0036 2015-11-24_00372015-11-24_0038 2015-11-24_0039 2015-11-24_0040 2015-11-24_0041 2015-11-24_0042 2015-11-24_00432015-11-24_0078 2015-11-24_0079 2015-11-24_0080 2015-11-24_0081 2015-11-24_0082 2015-11-24_00832015-11-24_0044 2015-11-24_00452015-11-24_0049 2015-11-24_0046 2015-11-24_0047 2015-11-24_00482015-11-24_0050 2015-11-24_00512015-11-24_0052 2015-11-24_0053 2015-11-24_0054 2015-11-24_0055 2015-11-24_0056 2015-11-24_0057 2015-11-24_0058 2015-11-24_0059 2015-11-24_0060 2015-11-24_0061 2015-11-24_0062 2015-11-24_0063 2015-11-24_0064 2015-11-24_00652015-11-24_0066 2015-11-24_00672015-11-24_00772015-11-24_0068 2015-11-24_0069 2015-11-24_0070 2015-11-24_0071 2015-11-24_0072 2015-11-24_0073 2015-11-24_0074 2015-11-24_0075 2015-11-24_00762015-11-24_0084 2015-11-24_0085 2015-11-24_0086 2015-11-24_0087 2015-11-24_00882015-11-24_0090 2015-11-24_0089 2015-11-24_0091 2015-11-24_0092 2015-11-24_0093 2015-11-24_0094 2015-11-24_0095 2015-11-24_0096 2015-11-24_0097 2015-11-24_0098 2015-11-24_0099 2015-11-24_0100 2015-11-24_0101


Venue | Private Residence, Clarksville, Maryland

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography

Catering/Cake/Lighting/Linens/Flooring/Tent | Absolutely Perfect Catering 

Flowers | Hoover Fisher Florist

DJ | J White Productions

Wedding Dress | Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collections

Wedding Dress Designer | Enzoani

Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal