Washington DC Engagement: Michelle and Griffin {DC Wedding Photographer}

When they were very young, Michelle and Griffin lived right across the street from each other, but never met. After years gone by, they did finally meet on their first day of college at Virginia Tech, on the Freshman move-in day.  From that day forward, they would sit together in freshman classes as well as at football games and at the dining halls around campus. They’ve done practically everything together since then, from graduating to finding jobs, and then realizing that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. I love their optimistic energy and excitement for life. They are such an incredibly kind and thoughtful couple, and I can’t wait for their Washington DC Fairmont Hotel wedding in August. Congratulations Michelle and Griffin! 2015-05-17_00052015-05-17_00042015-05-17_00062015-05-17_0007 2015-05-17_0008 2015-05-17_0009 2015-05-18_00022015-05-18_0001 2015-05-18_00032015-05-18_0004 2015-05-18_00052015-05-18_0006 2015-05-18_00072015-05-18_0010 2015-05-18_00112015-05-18_0008 2015-05-18_00092015-05-18_0012 2015-05-18_0013 2015-05-18_00142015-05-18_0015 2015-05-18_00162015-05-18_0017 2015-05-18_0018 2015-05-18_0019 2015-05-18_0020

Elegant Ballroom Wedding: Jenna and John {Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer}

If you follow my blog, you know that I love writing about each couple’s love story.

But when Jenna shared her love story with me, it made me sit in silence for awhile, just savoring the beauty of love lost, and then found; how forgiveness can change everything. We all can get a little lost in the world, but true love is always there, waiting patiently for us. She shared her story so perfectly that I didn’t want to touch the perfectly authentic words that came from a genuine and humbled heart; a heart that found it’s way home.

From Jenna…

“They say that sometimes, with just one look, you know, and we did. We first fell in love a long time ago–the kind of crazy, innocent, head-over-heels love we know in movies, only I thought it was too good to be true. But John disagrees; he says he knew we were meant to be together. Because of my hesitations, we missed our chance, and in the blink of an eye we were headed for college. We traveled to new places, we broke each other’s hearts, we made new friends, and even found new love…but it never measured up to our love. For both of us, we could never forget ‘the one that got away.’ After a time, we found each other, forgave each other, and now we are so deeply in a beautiful love that began a decade ago. It is said that ‘life will take you on many adventures, but love will always lead you home.’ We are so thankful we had the chance to realize that the love we were meant for was the love we had all along–neither of us feel like we deserve it, but we couldn’t be happier to be married to the one true love of our lives.”

Congratulations Jenna and John. You remind us how beautiful second chances can be.

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 The Fabulous Vendors

Getting Ready Venue | Omni William Penn Hotel 

Ceremony and Reception Venue | LeMont Restaurant

Photographer | Dyanna Joy Photography

Wedding Coordinator | Linda Chang at It’s Your Day

Florist | Allison McGeary Florist, Inc.

Invitations and Programs | Enchanted Printables

DJ/Violinist | Steven Vance Entertainment

Videographer | Just Hitched Wedding Films

Bridal Gown Designer| DB Couture

Bridal Gown |  Abbott’s Bridal

Bridemaid’s Dresses | Badgley Mischka “Puttin’ on the Glitz) via Rent the Runway

Bridal shoes | Badgley Mischka

Hair & Makeup | Izzazu Salon Spa & Serata Downtown Pittsburgh

Cookie Table | Oakmont Bakery

Bride’s Ring | Chapel Hills Jewelry

Guest Transportation | Pittsburgh Transportation Group

Bridal Party Transportation | Molly’s Trolleys

Officiant | Minister Ronald Cambest

Table Centerpieces and Chair Covers | Yoho’s Chair Covers



Pier 5 Hotel Wedding: Krissy and Matt {Baltimore Wedding Photographer}

Krissy and Matt love Baltimore, and specifically the Baltimore Orioles. In fact, the day after their wedding you could find Krissy and Matt wearing their Orioles t-shirts, and cheering on their favorite baseball team at Camden Yards.

Even on the morning of her wedding day, Krissy was wearing her Orioles tank top. But then she slipped into her alluring wedding dress that fit her like a glove. This blonde bombshell was statuesque and flawless in every way. I loved her hot pink details, including her shoes and bouquet. The combination of pink roses and succulents is pure eye candy.

Their first look took place right outside the Baltimore Aquarium. Matt couldn’t wait to wrap his arms around his beautiful bride. We walked around Inner Harbor and enjoyed it’s unique lighthouse and pirate ships passing by.

Krissy’s bridesmaids (her three best friends) were lovely in navy blue cocktail dresses and neutral heels, while the groomsmen wore gray suits with navy ties.

The ceremony took place on a grassy hill along the waterfront. In the midst of a lively Baltimore Saturday, Krissy and Matt promised forever, in front of their closest family and friends.

The reception took place inside the swanky Pier 5 Hotel. Lanterns, gold numbers, and vibrant florals dressed up the tables. A white, navy, and hot pink cake was just waiting to be eaten. And as the city lights began to shine, guests enjoyed the “Blushing Bride” personalized beer, Matt’s homemade Lemon Berry and Cherry Lime Thyme soda, and danced the night away.

Congratulations Krissy and Matt!

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The Fabulous Vendors

Venue | Pier 5 Hotel

Florals | My Flower Box Events

Hair & Makeup | Up Do’s for I Do’s

Wedding Dress | Betsey Robinson Bridal 

Wedding Dress Designer | Essence of Australia 

Bridesmaid Dresses | The Bridal Boutique, Ltd.

Men’s Tuxes | Men’s Wearhouse

Cake | Baltimore Cakery

Officiant | Weddings by Sandy

Videography| InMotion Video

DJ| Music Masters

Franklin and Marshall Engagement: Katie and Justin {Lancaster Wedding Photographer}

They met Freshman year in college, but Katie already had a boyfriend.

But it didn’t take long for Justin, a baseball player, to win over Katie’s heart. He would show up at her field hockey games, and often times after classes. And whenever he had the chance, he would give Katie a daffodil, to show her how much he cared for her. And it didn’t take long for Katie to see who she really wanted as the man in her life: Justin.

Years later, they both graduated from college, got jobs, got engaged, and decided to go back to where they first met, Franklin and Marshall College, for their engagement session. The flowers were just starting to bloom; and there were daffodils.

Congratulations Katie and Justin!

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Antrim 1844 Wedding: Alexis and Matt {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

They were surrounded by the ones they love, including the bride’s grandfather who passed away the week before, who I’m sure was watching from the heavens.

Alexis and Matt promised forever under the sky and clouds, on the grounds of a darling historic mansion nestled in the Maryland countryside.

From the roses to the sunset, their wedding day had a peachy-warm glow to it.  Alexis was stunning in her Allure ballgown and cathedral veil. Her bridesmaids were so delightful, both in personality and in their bright orange dresses. I adored the bold color scheme.

Their was dancing and dinner, and ginger ale’s (in honor and memory of the bride’s grandfather…his favorite drink was Vernor’s ginger ale). Guests enjoyed delicious cake, an open air photo booth, and sending off the bride and groom with a sparkler exit.

Congratulations Alexis and Matt!!


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And a special thanks to the following vendors for making Alexis and Matt’s wedding so special…

Venue | Antrim 1844

Wedding Dress | Betsy Robinson’s Bridal 

Wedding Dress Designer | Allure Bridals 

Bridesmaid Dresses | Wedding Shop Inc.

Cake | Simply Desserts

DJ and Photo Booth | J White Productions

Videographer | Black Tie Video

Hair | Up Do’s for I Do’s

Flowers | Shelly Black 

Linens | Gala Cloths

Tuxes | TBA

The Girl in the Woods {Delaware Wedding Photographer}

As a little girl who grew up in the woods, I would often walk into its depths, to be alone. It’s where I would pray, sometimes cry, and talk to God. It was our meeting spot. I loved the stillness of the woods and the protection of the trees. It’s where a shy girl could find refuge from the world. For me, there is nothing more soothing and life-inspiring than a walk in the woods. This part of my life is what inspired the following words and images.

And a huge thanks to my sister-in-law Jeanna for modeling for me! You are so beautiful inside, outside, and in every way possible. I love you.


She walks by faith holding onto a hidden hand.  And although the white woods may be deep and intricate, with no pathway, she finds delight in the journey, in the snowflakes falling on her skin, and in her imagination.

Her eyes know both joy and pain, and when they open, the mystery of life unravels, and her spirit is no longer invisible.

Books, small animals, and the faces of her family, she loves to hold them all. She embraces the seasons of life: the quiet heartache of winter, the newness of spring, the warmth of summer, and the beauty of autumn. Through it all, she allows herself to be open to what life desires to teach her, to be aware of life, her one delicate life.

So she sings and goes for walks in the snow, and laughs, truly laughs. She feels deeply, whether it’s sorrow or delight. When someone hurts her she turns the other cheek. When the sun sets, she feels beautiful, and when night falls, the moon reminds her there is always a light in the darkness.

But it’s in the stillness of a moment, in-between breaths, when she feels a love so passionate embracing her. When the cares of the world start to simply fade away into the distance. When she hears “Be Still, and Know that I am God.” This is where her life has purpose, in the center of the heart of God, where she is free to be herself. From this place is where she knows joy, acceptance, and love, and the hand who never lets her go.

So she goes to the woods to meet with the one who knows how many hairs are on her head, and how many tears she has ever cried. This is where she finds her life; and this is where she knows she is loved.

2015-03-06_0001 2015-03-06_0002 2015-03-06_0003 2015-03-06_00042015-03-06_00052015-03-06_0006 2015-03-06_0007 2015-03-06_00082015-03-06_0009 2015-03-06_0010 2015-03-06_0012

Gaylord National Wedding: Meaghan and Ryan {National Harbor Wedding Photographer}

The Gaylord National was dressed for the holidays, and the twinkle lights and garland provided the perfect backdrop for a Christmas-inspired wedding.

While walking through the Gaylord hotel with the beautiful bride Meaghan, and her groom, Ryan, we overheard a little girl say to her mother “Look mommy, I see a princess!”

Meaghan sure did look like a princess in her Alvina Valenta gown from Kleinfelds. Her hair, makeup, and bright red nails completed her stylish look.

The bridesmaids were dressed to the nines in gold sequins, and the mother of the bride was glamorous in red.

The evening reception took place in the atrium and a reception followed in the grand ballroom, where guests found their tables by selecting their names from Christmas trees, and were greeted by mistletoe at their tables.

Congratulations Meaghan and Ryan!!

2015-01-15_00202015-01-18_00202015-01-15_00182015-01-15_00192015-01-15_00302015-01-15_00292015-01-15_0026 2015-01-15_0027 2015-01-15_00282015-01-16_0001 2015-01-16_0005 2015-01-16_0006 2015-01-16_0007 2015-01-16_00082015-01-16_0009 2015-01-16_00102015-01-18_0001 2015-01-18_0002 2015-01-18_00032015-01-18_00042015-01-18_0005 2015-01-18_0006 2015-01-18_0008 2015-01-18_00092015-01-18_0010 2015-01-18_0011 2015-01-18_00122015-01-18_0013 2015-01-18_0014 2015-01-18_0015 2015-01-18_00162015-01-18_0017 2015-01-18_00182015-01-18_0021 2015-01-18_00222015-01-18_0023 2015-01-18_0024 2015-01-18_0025 2015-01-18_00262015-01-18_00192015-01-19_00102015-01-19_0002 2015-01-19_0003 2015-01-19_0004 2015-01-19_0005 2015-01-19_0006 2015-01-19_0007 2015-01-19_0008 2015-01-19_00092015-01-19_00342015-01-19_0011 2015-01-19_0012 2015-01-19_0013 2015-01-19_0014 2015-01-19_00152015-01-19_0016 2015-01-19_00172015-01-19_0021 2015-01-19_0022 2015-01-19_0023 2015-01-19_0024 2015-01-19_0025 2015-01-19_0026 2015-01-19_0027 2015-01-19_0028 2015-01-19_0029 2015-01-19_0030 2015-01-19_0031 2015-01-19_0032 2015-01-19_0033

And a special thanks to the following vendors for making Meaghan and Ryan’s wedding day so beautiful and special:

Ceremony and Reception Venue | Gaylord National

Florist | Love Blooms Here

Wedding Dress |Kleinfeld Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer | Alvina Valenta

Bridesmaid Dresses | Diane & Company

Cake | Gaylord National

Hair and Makeup | Bridal Artistry DC

Videographer | Tweed

DJ | Bialek’s Music

Winter Wedding: Ashley and Robby {Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer}

It was December and instead of snow, it rained.

But the rain only made the day feel cozy, as everyone found warmth within the beautiful cathedral filled with stain glass windows and red velvet seat cushions. The Christmas trees, garland, and candles set the mood for this precious winter wedding.

Ashley dazzled in her princess gown, and the colorful bouquets were festive; perfect for the month of Christmas.

The bridesmaids wore floor length couture gold and black lace dresses. I wanted one for myself!

At the reception, guests were greeted by a large Christmas tree, where they were asked to select an ornament from the tree to take home. Dinner and dancing followed, along with a delicious black and gold cake.

At the end of the night it finally stopped raining, and Ashley and Robby were sent off by their family and friends through a tunnel of snowflakes!

Congratulations Ashley and Robby!

2015-01-12_00052015-01-12_00022015-01-12_00062015-01-12_0010 2015-01-12_00112015-01-12_0012 2015-01-12_00142015-01-13_0004 2015-01-13_00052015-01-13_0001 2015-01-13_0002 2015-01-13_00032015-01-13_00062015-01-13_0010 2015-01-13_0008 2015-01-13_00092015-01-13_00112015-01-13_00122015-01-13_00132015-01-13_0014 2015-01-13_00152015-01-13_00162015-01-15_00152015-01-13_0017 2015-01-13_0018 2015-01-13_0019 2015-01-13_00202015-01-13_0021 2015-01-13_00222015-01-14_0001 2015-01-14_0002 2015-01-14_00032015-01-14_00052015-01-14_0007 2015-01-14_00082015-01-14_0009 2015-01-14_0010 2015-01-14_00112015-01-14_00142015-01-14_0016 2015-01-14_00172015-01-15_0001 2015-01-15_0002 2015-01-15_0003 2015-01-15_0004 2015-01-15_00052015-01-15_0006 2015-01-15_0007 2015-01-15_00082015-01-15_0009 2015-01-15_0010 2015-01-15_0011 2015-01-15_0012 2015-01-15_0013

And a special thanks to the following vendors for making Ashley and Robby’s wedding so special and beautiful:

Ceremony | Faith United Church of Christ 

Reception Venue | Toftrees Resort 

Flowers |  Avant Garden 

Cake | Delectable Delights by Heather 

DJ | Nittany Entertainment

Hair & Makeup | Evolve Studio

Wedding Dress | Formalities 

Bridesmaid Dresses | Simply Elegant Gowns

Tuxes | Formalities 

Rentals| Best Event Rental

Philadelphia Engagement: Dana and Andrew {Philadelphia Wedding Photographer}

It was a beautiful afternoon, and Dana was out walking her dog Quincy through Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square.

When all of a sudden Quincy broke free and started to run away. Dana’s heart began to race as she sprinted after Quincy. When she finally caught up to her runaway dog, she saw that Quincy leaped into the arms of a mysterious handsome man. His name was Andrew.

And that is the fake story that Dana and Andrew tell their friends when asked how they met.

They really met online. And after a few dates exploring Philadelphia together, they realized how much they clicked. Months later, they planned a trip to London, where Andrew proposed.

And so for their engagement session, we walked around Philadelphia, making sure to stop by Rittenhouse Square, which was decorated with thousands of twinkle lights for the holidays.

I’m so excited for their classy Ritz-Carlton wedding this summer in Philadelphia!

Congratulations Dana and Andrew.

2015-01-11_00012015-01-11_00042015-01-11_0010 2015-01-11_0011 2015-01-11_00052015-01-11_00072015-01-11_00062015-01-11_0008 2015-01-11_00092015-01-11_00122015-01-11_0013