Fall Backyard Wedding: Lauren and Joe {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

Lauren married her soulmate on a beautiful fall day in the backyard of her parent’s house. The atmosphere was cozy with fireplaces roaring, pumpkins and mums scattered about, and hot apple cider being served.

Joe was nervous as he was about to see his bride. As he turned to see Lauren, who looked like she stepped out of a dream, tears began to fall from his eyes. They embraced and knew this was the moment they would remember the rest of their lives.

As guests walked in the driveway, they were greeted with a choice of a bourbon cider cocktail or a cinnamon cider. As they held onto their warm drinks, they walked the path to the back terrace, where a warm fireplace ceremony was waiting for them.

The outdoor ceremony was filled with passion and tears and vows, and ended with a kiss promising forever.

Guests enjoyed homemade baked brie and cocktails after the ceremony, and then grabbed a velvet blanket while entering the reception tent, to keep them cozy and warm.

I loved the deep purples tones, from the bridesmaids dresses, to the bouquets, to the reception linens. At each table, there were bouquets of flowers, wood centerpieces, and burlap table numbers.

The evening continued with hours of dancing underneath thousands of twinkle lights and ended with a romantic sparkler exit.

Congratulations Lauren and Joe!
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Venue | Private Residence, Clarksville, Maryland

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography

Catering/Cake/Lighting/Linens/Flooring/Tent | Absolutely Perfect Catering 

Flowers | Hoover Fisher Florist

DJ | J White Productions

Wedding Dress | Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collections

Wedding Dress Designer | Enzoani

Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal

Rehoboth Beach Engagement: Tara and Adam {Delaware Wedding Photographer}


“Love is friendship set on fire.”

~Jeremy Taylor

For years, Tara and Adam were aware of each other, even friends, until one fateful evening when they realized there was something so much more than friendship between them; perhaps a spark of love.

And this little spark of love turned into a fire.

These two really are best friends. They enjoy being goofy together, watching Penn State football games (and Eagles games), and hanging out at the beach. I had such a fun time hanging out with them at Rehoboth Beach for their engagement session. I’m so excited for their beautiful State College Wedding next year!

Congratulations Tara and Adam!

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Celebrations at the Bay Wedding: Britteny and Matt {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

Brittney and Matt are two of the most kind-hearted people I know.

For example, right before their wedding I announced that my husband and I were finally pregnant after years of trying. And on the morning of their wedding day, Brittney and Matt presented me with a box filled with baby clothes and items. It made me cry. Their thoughtfulness and generosity overwhelmed me. In the midst of last minute planning for their big day, they thought about me and my husband. I am so blessed to not only know them, but had the honor to capture memories of one of the biggest days of their lives.

I loved the violet and lavender tones of their wedding. The waterside atmosphere at Celebrations at the Bay was fresh and inviting. The sun was shining brightly, and Brittney looked like she just stepped out of a fairytale.

They were married under a blue sky with the Chesapeake Bay breeze flowing through the ceremony. Rings and roses were exchanged, and Matt and Brittney became husband and wife.

I loved getting to know their family and friends. Everyone was filled with joy. The evening ended with lots of dancing and the most magical sunset.

Congratulations Brittney and Matt!

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Venue | Celebrations at the Bay

Photography |Dyanna Joy Photography

Flowers | Scentsational Florals

Catering and Cake | Catering by Uptown

Wedding Dress | I Do I Do Wedding Gowns

Wedding Dress Designer | Allure Bridals

Bridesmaid Dresses | I Do I Do Wedding gowns

Men’s Suits | Jos. A. Bank

DJ | That DJ Guy

Ceremony Music | Antares Musicians 

Officiant | Rev. Laura Cannon

Hair and Makeup | Bridesmaid Katherine Herman

Mt. Washington Mill Dye House Wedding: Katie and Justin {Baltimore Wedding Photographer}

Every little detail was perfect, from her Kate Spade heels, to her carefully written vows, to the gorgeous green succulents arranged in her bouquet.

Katie married Justin on a beautiful October day in Baltimore. The sun was shining along the harbor, and I Do’s were spoken within the sacred walls of a glorious church. After the ceremony, guests formed a bubble tunnel for the newlyweds to walk though. And then the two escaped into their vintage blue getaway car.

The Mt. Washington Dye Mill is such a unique space for a wedding. I love the old industrial feel to it, but at the same time, it was so romantic.

Glasses of champagne awaited guests as they entered the reception. There were beautiful couches and chairs for guests to rest their feet, provided by XOXO Vintage Rentals. Inside there was pink uplighting, delicious cupcakes waiting to be devoured, gold lettered table numbers, and a romantic chandelier. Lemon and Lime Events did an extraordinary job styling this venue.

The evening continued with toasts, dinner, and dancing. It was a beautiful day to remember.

Congratulations Katie and Justin!

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Ceremony | Shrine of the Sacred Heart

Reception | Mt. Washington Dye Mill

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography

Wedding Planner | Lemon and Lime Event Design

Hair and Makeup | Up Do’s for I Do’s 

Wedding Dress |Garnish Boutique 

Wedding Dress Designer | Blush by Hayley Paige

Rental Furniture | XOXO Vintage

Flowers | Crimson & Clover Floral Design

DJ and Lighting | Bryan George Music Services

Valenzano Winery Wedding: Danielle and Greg {New Jersey Wedding Photographer}

It was the weekend of Hurricane Joaquin, but not even Joaquin could damper Danielle and Greg’s beautiful wedding day.

Although raindrops were falling, there were pink-colored roses and whiskers on doggies, lots of white paper packages tied up with strings…all part of Danielle’s favorite things. I could go on and on…”girls in white dresses,” well, only one girl. And I’m sure there were some geese flying overhead with the moon on their wings.

Danielle was breathtakingly beautiful in her lace gown, and as she walked down the long aisle of the church, her love was waiting for her with a big grin and a committed heart.

After the ceremony, we walked into the vineyards for some photos. Thank you Danielle, Greg, and Bridal Party, for braving the rainy/windy/cold weather with me!

A warm and romantic reception was waiting for us when we were done. Candles and roses galore! Wine was poured, champagne was popped, and Danielle and Greg danced and kissed the night away.

I loved being part of this beautiful New Jersey Winery wedding. And to my bride and groom, may these images simply remind you of your favorite things (and people)!

Congratulations Danielle and Greg!
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2015-11-05_00402015-11-05_0059 2015-11-05_0041 2015-11-05_00422015-11-05_0045 2015-11-05_00462015-11-05_0047 2015-11-05_0048 2015-11-05_0049 2015-11-05_0050 2015-11-05_0051 2015-11-05_0052 2015-11-05_0053 2015-11-05_0054 2015-11-05_0055 2015-11-05_0056 2015-11-05_0057 2015-11-05_00582015-11-05_0060 2015-11-05_0061 2015-11-05_0062 2015-11-05_0063 2015-11-05_0064 2015-11-05_0065 2015-11-05_0066 2015-11-05_0067 2015-11-05_0068 2015-11-05_0069 2015-11-05_0070


Venue | Valenzano Winery

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography

Wedding Coordination and Catering | Catering by Vitarellis

Makeup | Dylan Michael Cosmetics

Hair | Hello Gorgeous Salon and Spa

Wedding Dress | Bridal Garden

Wedding Dress Designer | Watters Bridal 

Videography | Command Performance Video

DJ | Center Stage Entertainment  

Toftrees Resort Wedding: Anne and Michael {State College Wedding Photographer}

Anne looked radiant in her princess gown, and her two flower girls, covered in tulle, were more than charming. Bridesmaids wore long pink dresses, and there were pink roses everywhere…just my style.

It was a beautiful day in Happy Valley for a wedding. Michael smiled as he watched his bride walk down the aisle, as their adorable son “Baby Michael” sat in the back with one of his grandparents. I adored Baby Michael’s miniature tux.

After the I Do’s, guests blew bubbles as the bride and groom left the ceremony. A fun-filled reception followed at Toftrees Resort.

Congratulations Anne and Michael!
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Ceremony Venue | Our Lady of Victory Church

Reception Venue | Toftrees Golf Resort

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography

Flowers | Avant Garden Artistic Floral Design

Hair and Makeup | Viva Bella Salon

Wedding Dress | Gabriella New York Bridal Salon

Wedding Dress Designer | Reem Acra

Bridal Accessories | Sara Gabriel Veiling & Headpieces 

Cake | Delectable Delights by Heather

DJ | Larry Moore Productions

Bridesmaid Dresses | Formalities 

Men’s Tuxes | Harpers 

Men’s Tuxes Designer | Ralph Lauren 

Reception Lighting |Nittany Entertainment 

Tussey Mountain Engagement: Amanda and Rich {State College Wedding Photographer}

It was just another day at the Pharmacy for Amanda. She was wearing her white coat and filling prescriptions, when a guy named Rich approached the counter. He was there to pick up a prescription, but his life was changed forever when he saw the beautiful blonde pharmacist.

He couldn’t get her out of his mind. So he began to think of excuses to visit the Pharmacy. He would go in for random things, like Vitamin C drops. And after some time, he finally got up the nerve to ask Amanda out on a date. And smiling, she said yes.

I absolutely love Amanda and Rich’s love story. It could be the screenplay for a romantic comedy.

We met at Tussey Mountain, located just outside State College, PA, for their fall engagement session. I love the romantic woodsy vibe of this session, and Amanda and Rich’s tender personalities. I’m so excited for their 2016 wedding!

Congratulations Amanda and Rich!

2015-10-30_00062015-10-30_0039 2015-10-30_00402015-10-30_0017 2015-10-30_0004 2015-10-30_00052015-10-30_00072015-10-30_0008 2015-10-30_0009 2015-10-30_0010 2015-10-30_0011 2015-10-30_00122015-10-30_0013 2015-10-30_0014 2015-10-30_0015 2015-10-30_00162015-10-30_0021 2015-10-30_00192015-10-30_00222015-10-30_00232015-10-30_0024 2015-10-30_0025 2015-10-30_0026 2015-10-30_0027 2015-10-30_00282015-10-30_0029 2015-10-30_00302015-10-30_00312015-10-30_0041 2015-10-30_00332015-10-30_0034 2015-10-30_0035 2015-10-30_0036 2015-10-30_0037

Stone Barn Winery Wedding: Jessica and Michael {Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer}

She was feeling sentimental in her mother’s wedding gown; what was old was made new again.

Jessica looked classically vintage with her birdcage veil and 20’s inspired headpiece, and her joy was overflowing. When she saw her groom waiting for her at the edge of the creek, she couldn’t help but nuzzle and hold him. And Michael was holding back tears.

It was a glorious day for a wedding at the Stone Barn Winery. Jessica and Michael’s two dogs, were not only on the wedding invitations, but also in attendance at the wedding. They walked the grounds land greeted guests as if they owned the place.

After a sweet ceremony under the trees, guests enjoyed cocktail hour outside the barn, while Jessica and Michael stole a few more kisses within the glow of sunset.

The reception took place within the historic 150 year-old barn. There were first dances, and pumpkin whoopie pies waiting to be eaten. The evening ended with lots of chit-chat between guests and a romantic sparkler exit.

Congratulations Jessica and Michael!
2015-10-22_00182015-10-22_00082015-10-22_00072015-10-22_00162015-10-22_00132015-10-22_0014 2015-10-22_00152015-10-22_0019 2015-10-22_00202015-10-22_0021 2015-10-22_00222015-10-22_0023 2015-10-22_00242015-10-22_0025 2015-10-22_0026 2015-10-22_00272015-10-22_0028 2015-10-22_0029 2015-10-22_00302015-10-22_0032 2015-10-22_00312015-10-22_0033 2015-10-22_0034 2015-10-22_00352015-10-22_00102015-10-22_00382015-10-22_00372015-10-22_00392015-10-22_00412015-10-22_00402015-10-22_0042 2015-10-22_0043 2015-10-22_0044 2015-10-22_0045 2015-10-22_0046 2015-10-22_0047 2015-10-22_0048 2015-10-22_0049 2015-10-22_00502015-10-22_0051 2015-10-22_0052 2015-10-22_0053 2015-10-22_0054 2015-10-22_0077 2015-10-22_0056 2015-10-22_0078 2015-10-22_0058 2015-10-22_0059 2015-10-22_00602015-10-22_0061 2015-10-22_0062 2015-10-22_00632015-10-22_0064 2015-10-22_00652015-10-22_0066 2015-10-22_0067 2015-10-22_00682015-10-22_0069 2015-10-22_0070 2015-10-22_0071 2015-10-22_0072 2015-10-22_0073 2015-10-22_0074 2015-10-22_0075 2015-10-22_0076

Vendor List

Venue | Stone Barn Winery

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography

Cake | Bella’s Bliss Bakery

Hair and Makeup | Greek Isles Salon & Spa

First Wedding Dress | Mother of the Bride’s Wedding Dress

Second Wedding Dress | ModCloth 

Groom’s Suit | Express

Catering | Silver Moon Catering

DJ | DJ Troy Breon 

Bella Vista Wedding: Julie and Tim {Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer}

Beams of light were shining behind her as she walked down the aisle to the song “Here Comes the Sun.”

Julie was radiant and so incandescently happy. And Tim, well, he was filled to the brim with emotion by the sight of his bride, his one-and-only love. Together they both laughed and wiped joyful tears from their eyes. Anyone could tell, Julie and Tim love life, and even more than life, they love each other.

I loved the peach and mint pastel colors, from the feminine bouquets to the groomsmen’s pants and bowties. I love Julie and Tim’s preppy and relaxed style. It was the perfect fit for a wedding at the beautiful Bella Vista Golf Course in Gilbertsville, PA.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails on the patio, and for a few moments, I stole the bride and groom away for some stunning sunset portraits. I can’t resist that warm glowy almost-evening light. And watching Julie and Tim love on each other drenched in light, gave me such inspiration and took my breath away.

Happy friends and family greeted this adorable couple with cheers when they were introduced at the reception. A white ruffled cake was waiting to be eaten, and the band Velveeta got everyone out on the dance floor. Everyone also grabbed fun props and hopped in front of the gold backdrop photo booth provided by The Merriment Co.

The evening ended with the groom and his men serenading the beautiful bride, and lots of hugs and kisses.

Congratulations Julie and Tim!

“Here comes the sun…and I say it’s all right.”

2015-10-18_00022015-10-18_0003 2015-10-18_00042015-10-18_00052015-10-18_00062015-10-18_0007 2015-10-18_0008 2015-10-18_00092015-10-20_00022015-10-20_0003 2015-10-20_0004 2015-10-20_0005 2015-10-20_00062015-10-20_0007 2015-10-20_0008 2015-10-20_0009 2015-10-20_0010 2015-10-20_0011 2015-10-20_00122015-10-20_0013 2015-10-20_0014 2015-10-20_0015 2015-10-20_0016 2015-10-20_0017 2015-10-20_0020 2015-10-20_00192015-10-20_0021 2015-10-20_0022 2015-10-20_0023 2015-10-20_0024 2015-10-20_00252015-10-20_0026 2015-10-20_0027 2015-10-20_00282015-10-20_0029 2015-10-20_0030 2015-10-20_0031 2015-10-20_00322015-10-20_0033 2015-10-20_00342015-10-20_0035 2015-10-20_0036 2015-10-20_0037 2015-10-20_0038 2015-10-20_0039 2015-10-20_0040 2015-10-20_0041 2015-10-20_0042 2015-10-20_00432015-10-20_0045 2015-10-20_0046 2015-10-20_0047 2015-10-20_0048 2015-10-20_0049 2015-10-20_0050 2015-10-20_0051 2015-10-20_00522015-10-20_00442015-10-20_0053 2015-10-20_0054 2015-10-20_0055 2015-10-20_0056 2015-10-20_0057 2015-10-20_0058 2015-10-20_0059 2015-10-20_0060 2015-10-20_00612015-10-20_0062 2015-10-20_0063 2015-10-20_0064 2015-10-20_0065 2015-10-20_0066 2015-10-20_0067 2015-10-20_0068

Vendor List

Venue | La Massaria at Bella Vista

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography

Flowers | Flowers by Florabundance 

Cake | Dices Creative Cakes

Band | Velveeta

Hair and Makeup | AME Salon and Spa

Wedding Dress | Elizabeth Johns

Bridesmaid Dresses | Joanna August

Men’s Pants | Bonobos

Men’s Shirts | Jos. A. Bank

Men’s Ties | J. Crew

Bride’s Shoes | Badgley Mischka 

Photo Booth | The Merriment Co.

Baltimore Four Seasons Wedding: Ciara and Blake {Baltimore Wedding Photographer}

She wore a dress fit for a goddess, because if you know Ciara, she is one.

As she slipped her toes into gold Jimmy Choo heels, she was ready to marry the man she fell in love with; her very best friend Blake.

And as the raindrops fell, so did tears of joy when Blake saw his bride for the first time that day. It was a first look to remember.

Although the rain brought everyone inside for the ceremony, by the time it was over, the sky turned sugarplum and cotton candy pink and the Baltimore harbor turned into a magical land.

The reception was filled with gold sequins, white tulips, warm candles, and first dances. It was a day to remember and to cherish. Ciara and Blake became husband and wife, and the day reminded us to always look for the beautiful pink sky after the storm.

Congratulations Ciara and Blake! XOXO

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Vendor List

Venue and Catering | Four Seasons Baltimore

Photography | Dyanna Joy Photography

Florist | Flowers and Fancies

Wedding Dress | Betsey Robinson’s Bridal Collection

Wedding Dress Designer | Enzoani

Bridal Shoes | Jimmy Choo

Bridesmaid Dresses | Nordstrom

Videography | Paul Kwak Productions 

Hair and Makeup | Maggie King Makeup Artistry