Old Hickory Golf Club Wedding: Jessica and Jonathan {Virginia Wedding Photographer}

The sun was behind the hazy clouds throughout the day, above the raindrops that fell during part of the ceremony, but it didn’t matter at all, because Jessica was the light that brightened the day; the sunshine that warmed our hearts. Her smile, her laugh, could cheer up even the most melancholy soul. No wonder Jonathan was drawn to her, and it’s not a surprise that out of a world full of women, he chose her.

Cheerful yellow roses (the bride’s favorite color) and deep sky blue dresses colored this beautiful summer wedding day. The men’s yellow and blue socks matched the theme. Happy white flowers adorned the bottom of the bride’s dress; one of the most fun and unique wedding dresses I’ve ever seen.

The Old Hickory Golf Club provided the perfect backdrop for this playful couple. And their first glance on the green was like a scene from a movie; romantic, exciting; you just wanted to watch it over and over.

The outside ceremony overlooking the golf course was stunning. Raindrops fell halfway through the ceremony, but as they say in show business “the show must go on” and these two lovebirds needed to be married. Umbrellas went up, and I took my cardigan off to wrap it around my 70-200mm lens.

The reception was filled with cupcakes, laughter, and lots of dancing.

Congratulations to the VERY happy couple!!

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Old City Philadelphia Engagement: Sarah and Scott {Philadelphia Wedding Photographer}

Question: What is sweeter than ice cream? Answer: Sarah and Scott

As a couple, they are so genuine, lovable, and generous. Being around them actually makes you feel more lightheaded and cared for.

Sarah, a therapist who specializes in helping women with eating disorders, and Scott, a chemist, met back in college, right after Sarah pledged a sorority. One of Sarah’s new sorority sisters knew Scott from art class and told Sarah he would be the perfect fit for her. Eventually they were introduced, and they’ve pretty much been together ever since.

For their engagement session, we took a walk around Old City Philadelphia, where Sarah and Scott currently live. We walked through Washington Square Park, Elfreth’s Alley (our nation’s oldest residential street, dating back to 1702), and stopped for ice cream at The Franklin Fountain, a vintage ice cream shop.

Congratulations Sarah and Scott!

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Disney Princess Bridal Shower: Layne Mae {Destination Wedding Photographer}

I believe a girl is never too old to throw a princess party.

Especially a girl who grew up on Disney movies and is an old-soul hopeless-romantic at heart. And this girl is our Layne Mae, my beautiful cousin, whom I love with all my heart.

Her Disney princess party was like a fairytale, which included ballerina tulle skirts for Layne and her two sisters. When I brought them into the woods for a mini photo shoot, they looked like the three woodland fairies from Sleeping Beauty, but having a tea party.

Delicious royal cupcakes were provided by Hoonie Cakes, owned by Hannah, Layne’s youngest sister, the blonde. The shower was styled by Lori Kehl and Cher Stupar Events.

Guests enjoyed watching Layne opening gifts as they sipped on rose champagne and munched on chicken salad sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries. A name that Disney princess game was played, and yours truly tied for first place.

The shower ended with photos of Layne and her bridesmaids. All in all, it was such a wonderful shower, filled with hugs, full bellies, and so much laughter.

I can’t wait for my darling cousin to get married this October at the most gorgeous Farm venue I’ve ever seen: Chanteclaire Farm, in Friendsville, Maryland.

Until then…

“Have faith in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish, will come true.” ~Cinderella

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Art and Math Teacher Engagement: Nicole and Alex {Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer}

She’s right brained, and he is left. She’s an artist, and he’s good with numbers. She’s an art teacher, and he teaches math. Meet Nicole and Alex.

These teachers fell in love while studying at Kutztown University, a school nestled in the beautiful Eastern Pennsylvania countryside.

So what better way to celebrate their love for each other, as well as love for their professions, than to journey back to Kutztown, where it all began. But instead of doing all the typical University locations, we took a different approach.

On the very end of campus, stands an authentic one-room schoolhouse. By chance, a janitor stopped by, and he let us in for a few minutes. I was in photo heaven. The cute wooden desks, the smell of chalk and old books, and a George Washington mural were the perfect backdrop for these two school teachers.

Outside of the schoolhouse was a drapery of queen anne’s lace, just waiting to be included in our photo shoot.

We then headed to Nicole’s old art studio, where paintbrushes were dipped in red paint, a save the date canvas was created, and love was photographed.

We ended the session outside in golden light; the cherry on top of this beautiful engagement session, for a beautiful couple.

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Bohemian-Inspired Styled Shoot: Part One {New Jersey Wedding Photographer}

Last week I attended Style. Shoot. Share., a one-day photography workshop at the Historical Oakley Farm in Freehold, New Jersey, which included two incredible bohemian-inspired, dreamy styled shoots, as well as lectures from two fabulous photographers, Kay English Photography and Vanessa Joy Photography. I adore these women and enjoyed getting to know them, as well as the other attendees.

The first styled shoot focused on bridal portraits, which are usually my favorite photos of the wedding day. I love spending time with the bride on her wedding day, as she gets ready, into her dress, and capturing her radiant beauty with bridal portraits.

The three models we had for this styled shoot were so beautiful and I enjoyed photographing them in Claire Pettibone gowns, with the gorgeous backdrop of flowers and vintage pieces styled by Reverie Events.

This shoot makes me feel like I stepped into the middle of a fairy tale. Enjoy!

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D.C. Engagement: Meaghan and Ryan {D.C. Wedding Photographer}

“The odd thing about this form of communication (online) is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.” ~Kathleen Kelly, You’ve Got Mail

Who doesn’t love the movie You’ve got Mail, with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? It was one of the first movies about online dating; it made the whole unromantic concept so very romantic.

For those of you who don’t know, I met my husband on e-harmony. So when I meet other couples who have met online, I feel a connection with them, as if we were all brave together. It’s a courageous thing to put yourself out there, to tell the world you are ready for love. My husband and I did it, and so did Meaghan and Ryan.

They met on match.com. Ryan bought a three month subscription, and Meaghan only wanted to commit for a month. After a “wink” and an email, they met for drinks, which ended up lasting over four hours. They quickly discovered that they had some mutual friends, and may have unknowingly crossed paths before, just like the beginning scenes of You’ve Got Mail.

Ryan quickly scheduled another date with Meaghan for three nights later, and soon after, it was evident, they were meant to be together.

“I hear nothing, not even a sound on the streets of New York. Just the beat of my own heart. I have mail – from you.”

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Vintage Country Garden Wedding: Brianna and Lane {Philadelphia Wedding Photographer}

It all began the morning of June 6 in a house on Society Hill, Philadelphia.

An ivory and champagne wedding dress was waiting to be worn, champagne ready to be sipped, and wildflowers filled with lavender and rosemary ready to be held.

Brianna looked as if she just stepped out of a 1920s silent film. Her vintage style updo combined with her lace gown and pearls, made her look timeless and oh so glamorous. Photos of her grandmother, who recently passed away last year, graced her bouquet, and reminded Brianna of the woman she loved dearly.

Her beau, Lane, arrived at the house by trolley. They saw each other for the first time that day along Delancey Street, with both of their mother’s close by.

The bride and groom, along with their bridal party, drove around to many of the iconic Philadelphia locations for fun photos, including Washington Square Park, Broad Street in front of City Hall, the Union League, and the Waterworks and Boat House Row.

The ceremony and reception took place at the historic Valley Green Inn, located in the center of Wissahickon Park in Philadelphia. Acres of woods sheltered the ceremony site, and a nearby happy little creek, home to family of geese, offered nature’s music.

After the I Do’s were said, guests tossed dried lavender at the bride and groom. During cocktail hour, Drinks and hors’ d’oeuvres were served on the front porch, and the bride’s cousin, a singer/songwriter, performed for guests.

By the end of the evening, toasts were made, cupcakes were devoured, family members were hugged, and another couple went home married.

Congratulations Brianna and Lane!

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 A special thanks to the following vendors who created a fairytale for this bride and groom:

Venue and Florals| The Valley Green Inn

Hair and Makeup |Giovanni & Pileggi

Cupcake Tower | Bredenbeck’s Bakery

Bridesmaid Dresses | Jenny Yoo

Tuxes | Nordstrom

Ties |Michael Kors

DJ | Xfinity Live





Country Engagement: Lauren and Paul {PA and Destination Wedding Photographer}

It was a common love for the outdoors, country music, and porcupines, yes porcupines, that brought Lauren and Paul together.

They met at a local bar. Lauren told Paul she loved porcupines, and Paul happened to have a photo of a porcupine on his phone. Call it silly or call it fate, whatever the case, it worked.

They’ve been together ever since. Paul, a true outdoorsman, loves his country girl. And the two of them are most comfortable in their denim, flannel, and boots. They love wide open spaces, the woods, and fishing and hunting. Paul told me he wouldn’t feel himself without wearing his beat up Chevy baseball cap, and Lauren loves wildflowers.

Country life is a beautiful life; clean air to breathe, peaceful space, and the beauty of nature. For Lauren and Paul, this is the life they love.

I’m looking forward to their Pennsylvania Barn Wedding next year!

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Penn State Wedding: Kristall and Lou {PA and Destination Wedding Photographer}

There is a quote going around on Pinterest that says, “I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding day.” For Kristall and Lou, I know this to be true.

As a couple, they have so much depth and faith, and are grounded in a true friendship with each other. Life has not always been easy for them, but through time and with God, they have overcome. And on a beautiful day in Happy Valley, they said, “I do” to life together; always together.

Because their love story began at Penn State, there was no other place that felt right other than getting married at their alma mater. Kristall and her maids, as well as Lou and his men, all got ready at the beautifully located Penn Stater Hotel.

A beautiful and spirit-filled service took place at the historic Eisenhower Chapel on the Penn State Campus, followed by a reception at the Penn State Beaver Stadium.

Kristall was beautiful and emotional. As she walked down the steps to meet her groom for the first time that day, her tears led me to tears. Another reason why I love my job: it gives me more excuses to cry.

Their Penn State Beaver Stadium Groom’s Cake was a huge success, as it’s been published all over the Penn State community since the wedding. It was featured on Onward State, a student-run, independent Penn State blog.

Congratulations to Kristall and Lou! Your wedding was so beautiful, and your relationship, well, no flowers or cake or gowns can compare to the beauty of the love you have for each other. Enjoy newlywed life my friends!

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84 86And a special thanks to the following vendors for making this day so wonderful:

The Penn Stater Hotel

Penn State Beaver Stadium

Avant Garden

The Penn State Bakery

Nittany Entertainment

Evolve Studios

Diamonds and Lace Bridal Boutique 

Simply Dresses 


Community Chamber Artists

Brooklyn Engagement: Angela and Tom {New York Wedding Photographer}

“But the thing is this, after a while, you just want to be with the one who makes you laugh.” ~Mr. Big, Sex and the City.

Finding the love of your life is good. But finding the love of your life who is also the friend of your life, is well, truly wonderful.

For Angela and Tom, they have found love and friendship in each other. Just by walking behind them, you can tell they really enjoy hanging out together; their love is honest, true and comfortable; they fit just right, like slipping into your favorite pair of blue jeans.

They met in Law School, both desiring to use their knowledge for good; to help others. With parents as pastors and teachers, compassionate hearts have been passed down from generations before them. Along with an heirloom, her grandmother’s engagement ring, which Angela now wears on her left hand; not overly showy, but precious and more meaningful than any two carrot Tiffany’s ring.

Angela and Tom have a strong inner confidence in themselves and their relationship. They are who they are; not trying to be like other relationships or other people. They are like a breath of fresh air, even in Brooklyn.

When I asked them what they wanted to do for their engagement session, Angela told me they wanted their photos to represent who they are, and what they normally do on the weekends, which includes sitting on a local Brooklyn Park bench, reading the New York Times (Sunday edition), and taking walks. And I thought it was a perfect idea.

So here they are, in love and friendship, enjoying each other’s company, enjoying life together. The definition of a perfect companion.

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